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How to wear an autumn dress in spring

I found this chocolate brown dress on sale in January, I think it was 70% off. It’s from the Norwegian brand Close to my heart. It has pockets, I love it when a dress or a skirt has pockets. My plan was to use it in autumn/winter, but then I decided to try freshen it up for spring.


Jeg kjøpte denne sjokoladebrune kjolen på salg  i januar, 70% avslag, det kan vi like. Den er fra det norske merket Close to my heart og den har lommer. Bare elsker at en kjole har lommer. Planen var å pakke den bort for å bruke den til høsten igjen, men med den kalde våren vi har så er det greit å ha en langermet kjole. Så da frisket jeg den litt opp med noe fargerikt tilbehør. DSC_0415

I’ve fallen in love with the color orange this spring, so I’ve bought a couple of orange items. I haven’t worn orange in my life before, but after the color consultation last summer I’ve found that orange is one of my colors.  The scarf which looks like it’s painted with water colors is one of my favourites and I’ve worn it many times already. I bought it from a friends shop, the brand is Manzini. I found the bag on sale on the webshop Zalando, it’s the brand Even & Odd, which is so funny as my oldest son’s name is Even and my hubbys name is Odd.


Jeg har forelsket meg helt i oransje denne våren, så det har blitt noen oransje tilskudd til garderoben. Jeg har vel knapt eid noe oransje før og ante ikke at det var en farge som kledde meg, men etter fargeanalysen i fjor sommer så har jeg jo funnet ut at det er en av “mine” farger. Skjerfet som ser ut som et akvarell maleri har blitt en favoritt, det kjøpte jeg hos Mocca på Knarvik. Min venninne Hilde eier denne butikken, jeg har aldri vært der, men hun var så snill å sende det til meg etter at jeg så det på Facebooksiden deres. Tror nok jeg må en tur ut dit en gang, ser ut som de har mye fint. Vesken er fra Even & Odd, noe som jeg synes er morsomt siden min eldste sønn heter Even og min samboer heter Odd. Den ble kjøpt på Zalando. 


I think this works, the accessories lightens up the outfit and makes it more springy. Also put on orange nail polish. This is also something I never got right before. I very rarely wore colored nail polish and when I tried it was for some evening party. It looked ok in the night, but when daylight came I couldn’t get it off fast enough, . I understand now it was because I picked the wrong colors. Now I can pick colors from my palette and wear colored nail polish also in bright daylight.


Jeg synes det fungerer, det blir et mer vårlig antrekk. Har også kjøpt orange neglelakk. Farget neglelakk har jeg i grunnen aldri vært noe begeistret for. Det hendte jeg brukte farget neglelakk om jeg skulle på julebord og lignende, men dagen derpå når jeg så på neglene mine kunne jeg ikke få fjernet neglelakken fort nok. I dagslys ble det det som hadde sett OK ut i kveldslys helt feil. Jeg har skjønt nå at det var fordi jeg valgte feile farger på neglelakken, farger som ikke passet til meg. Nå plukker jeg neglelakk ut fra fargepaletten min og synes det er helt topp å bruke farget neglelakk i dagslys også. 


Boots are from Roots, also bought on sale earlier this year. Suede is not the best material in rainy Bergen, but sometimes one have to be a little crazy. 😉 Ha ha

Skolelettene er fra Roots, de fant jeg også på salg, nå er ikke semsket skinn det mest praktiske i regnbyen Bergen, men pyttsan noen ganger er det lov å være litt vågal. 😉

DSC_0431 Right now our house is the total chaos, we’re getting new kitchen cabinets in a couple of weeks and now we ripped out most of the old ones. We are working now on the walls and the ceiling.  I put out photos on Instagram account Momentsintimebergen of the process. The new kitchen will not very traditional and I’m really exited and I hope  will love it once it’s finished.

I disse dager lever vi i det totale kaos. Vi får nytt kjøkken om noen uker, nå er ca halvparten av kjøkkenskapene revet og vi jobber med tak og vegger. Vi har måttet skifte et par takplater og har spikret opp Smart panel for tak på en vegg. Det nye kjøkkenet blir ikke helt A4, så jeg er litt spent på om jeg kommer til å like det så godt som jeg tror… Dere kan følge prosessen på min Instagram konto Momentsintimebergen om dere vil. 

Until next time


(should I add an xoxo?)



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Spring capsule for a northener


Spring is here, well at least on the calendar. Reality however is completely different, outside it’s winter and snow. We’ve had a Siberian cold front the past week, the Beast from the east as it also has been called. In Bergen we got new cold record for March -12 degrees Celsius  (10 F) One place in Norway it was -42 C, which is about -43 F, I wouldn’t want to be there. The beast has not only struck in Norway, all Europe has been frozen. Actually it has been colder in Rome than in Bergen. Further down in Europe it must have been terrible, as they often don’t have houses built to handle this kind of extreme cold. For us it’s been Ok, we’ve had some really nice and sunny days. Once the wind stopped we had some lovely, crisp winter days and in the middle of the day we could actually feel the sun warming. Of course we long for spring, snow and ice is really not what we prefer this time of year. We do want to walk around in shoes again, but looking at the weather forecast it won’t happen anytime soon. So here’s what I’ve picked for my spring capsule so far.  Scarves, bags and jewelry not included I’ve ended up with 41 items. Both for home and for more dressy events.



1 Navy tank top – Nu by Staff,  many years old

2 Navy linen tee – Claire, from last year

3 Coral camisole – Kettlewell colors, new

4 Cream long sleeved tee – Days like this, new

5 Coral V neck tee – Hanna (PM) from last year

6 Green (yes it is green) tee – Malene Birger, new 50% off

7 Cream light weight sweater – Second Female, old

8 Navy light weight sweater – Oxmo, last year

9 Coral Cashmere sweater – Woolland, new, 50% off

10 Orange red hoodie- Tiger of Sweden, new, 50% off

11 Cream blouse – Fransa, from last year

12 Navy, merino wool button up – Woolland, last year

13 Navy blazer – Massimo Dutti, many years old

14 Navy blazer – European Culture, many years old

15 Olive blazer – Pen and ink, last year

16 Coral blazer – Gustav, new 50% off

17 Navy cardigan – Holly & Whyte, Lindex, last year

18 Hazel brown, suede coat – Lexington, new

19 Burnt orange long cardigan- Haust- new 70% off

20 Forest green cardigan – Woolland, new 30% off

21 In addition my beloved hand knitted sweater. Åsemors kofte as this sweater is called.

I know, I’m a sucker for blazers, why would I have 2 navy blazers in the capsule? They are very different one is more a outerwear piece and the other is more like a cardigan.


My base color is navy, neutrals are cream, olive/green and brown.As you can see I’ve picked hues of coral and orange for my accent color this spring. The tops I’ve chosen is everything from a camisole to my homeknitted wool sweater.




22 Dark blue jeans – Five Units – old

23 Blue jeans – Floyd, old

24 Navy sweatpants – 2nd one, old

25 Olive sweatpants – Global funk, old

26 Burnt henna draw string pants – Kaffe, new 70% off

Can you tell I hate buying jeans and pants???  I’m looking for a pair of green pants/jeans. I also want a skirt, either a navy, green or brown leather one.


27 Cognac boots – Timberland, many years old

28 Winter boots- Timberland, last year (and yes I need them a couple of weeks more)

29 Brown booties – Unisa, new 70% off

30 Green boots – Roots, new 50% off

31 Cream sneakers – New Balance, old

32 Cognac sneakers – Ecco, old

33 Navy loafers – Paul Green, old

34 Coral ballerinas- Ecco, old

Spring in Norway acquires a wide range of shoes and boots, we need shoes and boots for all kind of weather, from snow and ice to summer temperatures. In addition to the ones on the collage I will probably have to use my trusty rain boots more than a couple of times.


35 Patterned dress – Moves by Minimum, old

36 Olive green shirt dress – Bik Bok, last year

37 Burnt orange dress – Fransa, last year

Yes it’s still with me the patterned dress.


38 Trench coat – Zara, old.

39 Utility jacket – Timberland, old (this is one of my most used items ever. I have worn it probably close to a thousand times and it still looks good)

40 Brown checked raincoat- BRGN, last year.

41 In addition I will also use this autumn/ winter coat from Iben. I have had this coat home on trial a couple of times, but first it was to big and then it was to tight. And when I stopped trying I found the right size on 70% off sale in Oslo last month. Destiny.


I really had some luck on the sale this year and me who thought I missed out on the whole thing being ill most of January. Funny enough I haven’t really been looking that hard, but with the knowledge about both which colors suits me I don’t have to look through a lot of clothes. Also the capsule concept, picking base, neutral and accent colors is very helpful. I know what to look for, and if I buy something in the color scheme I’ve decided to use everything will also go together with what I already own.



My last purchases, forest green wool cardigan from Woolland, green tee from Malene Birger, green boots from Roots and a spring scarf bought at Mocca Knarvik. Cardigan, tee and boots is a nice addition to my year round capsule.

I guess your spring capsule looks really different from mine, especially if you live a place where it’s actually spring now.

Until next time


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Why you should know your colors

I guess most of you can relate to the scenario I’m now going to describe. It’s not real, but I have been in a similar situation several times and so have probably you. Ok here we go.

Jeg er sikker på at mange av dere kan kjenne dere igjen i følgende scenario. Det er en tenkt situasjon, men jeg har vært borti lignende situasjoner mange ganger.

It’s the January sale and i have decided to buy a new coat. I want a nice classic coat that will last for years and one day I find this Gant coat 40% off. It’s still not a cheap coat, but it’s really good quality. I’m a bit sceptic about the color, but the girl in the shop says the coat looks fabulous on me, so I buy it.  After all I’ve been looking for a while, and this is 40% off and it’s Gant. Initial price was $490  and now it’s $295


Det er januarsalg og jeg har bestemt meg for at jeg skal kjøpe en ny kåpe, jeg ønsker meg en klassisk kåpe i god kvalitet som jeg kan ha i mange år. Jeg finner denne grå kåpen fra det kjente merket Gant. Jeg er litt skeptisk til grå kåpe, men ekspeditrisen en ung dame som ser helt fantastisk ut forsikrer meg om at jeg virkelig kler denne kåpen. Jeg har sett etter kåpe en stund, den ser fin ut der jeg står i prøverommet. Den er fremdeles dyr, men det er tross alt en Gant kåpe og det er 40% på den. Det er også den siste igjen i min størrelse og de fyker ut ifølge ekspeditrisen. Den har kostet 3795,- nå er den 2275,-.

When I come home I realize I actually don’t have much that goes with this coat. I need scarf for the coat. After all I do live in Norway where we have real winter. I search on Pinterest to get inspiration. And fall in love with the grey and burgundy outfits. This is how I want to style the coat.

I go out searching for a scarf, I find a beautiful burgundy, but it’s insanely expensive it’s almost $130 on sale. I leave it and find another nice one for only $25, but then I find this really cute hat and it doesn’t go with the cheaper scarf, so I need to go back get the expensive one too. Now I have the perfect outfit. Or do I??

Så er det ut på jakt etter et skjerf som passer til kåpen. Jeg finner et helt nydelig burgunder skjerf, men det koster nesten 1000 kroner så det går jeg fra og finner et jeg liker som bare koster 199. Så begynner jakten på en lue. Jeg kan ikke finne en eneste lue som passer til det billige skjerfet, så jeg må til slutt gå tilbake å kjøpe det dyre skjerfet som passer perfekt med en fin lue jeg fant. Nå har jeg det perfekte antrekket, eller??

I’m ready to go out in my new winter outfit, but this day it’s really icy and the boots I planned to wear with this outfit don’t handle icy conditions and I most likely end up with a broken hip if I use them. The only boots I own that’s safe in these conditions stands out like an eye soar. I need new boots and actually I need a new bag too, because none of my bags work with this outfit.

Da er jeg klar til å ta i bruk min nye vinterkåpe, men akkurat denne dagen er det ganske isete og de støvlettene jeg hadde planlagt å bruke er fryktelig glatte og jeg har ikke lyst å brekke lårhalsen. Mine Timberland skoletter som har gode såler passer jo ikke til og egentlig har jeg ikke en veske som passer heller…..


Time flies they are starting to get sold out for winter boots, it’s difficult to find the perfect pair in my size. In desperation I end up with a pair of black over the knee boots. They are suede which is not very practical where I live, but they have rubber soles. They don’t come cheap they are $233 on sale, but luckily I found a nice burgundy bag for only $39.

Tiden går og de begynner å bli utsolgt for støvletter, det er vanskelig å finne det perfekte paret i min størrelse, i desperasjon ender jeg opp med et par semskede over kne støvletter. Semsket er ikke så veldig praktisk på Vestlandet, men disse har gode såler. De er ikke akkurat billige de koster 1895 kroner, men heldigvis finner jeg en fin burgunder veske til kun 299,-.


It’s February and I finally found all I needed for this new coat. The total amount I’ve used is $722, but I guess it’s an investment. It’s a lovely sunny day first time I finally wear the coat. I meet up with some friends, no compliments in fact a couple of my friends looks at me and ask if I feel ok. I look so tired and pale they say with concern in their voices. I feel perfectly fine, in fact better than in a long time. So why do I look so pale and washed out? I conclude it’s the burgundy and decide to buy another scarf and hat to go with the grey coat. Back to Pinterest to find inspiration. Maybe pink will be better…

Det er blitt februar og jeg har endelig komplett antrekk. jeg har riktignok brukt 5668 kroner, men jeg regner det som en investering. Det er en solskinnsdag i februar jeg bruker den nye kåpen for første gang, jeg skal møte noen venninner til lunsj. Jeg får ikke en eneste kommentar om mitt nye, fine, dyre antrekk. Isteden får jeg noen bekymrede blikk og spørsmål om jeg føler meg bra. Jeg føler meg helt fin jeg, bedre enn på lenge faktisk, så hvorfor ser jeg da så blek og sliten ut?? Jeg konkluderer med at kanskje det er det burgunder tilbehøret og så går jeg hjem for å finne annen inspirasjon på Pinterest. Kanskje rosa….

Next day I wear my real old, olive jacket and a rust scarf while out on a Sunday walk. I meet one of my friends from yesterday, she compliments me and is happy I feel better. And I even don’t have any make up on!!

Dagen etter er jeg på søndagstur, uten make up ikledd min gamle olivengrønne jakke og med et rustfarget skjerf tullet om halsen. Jeg møter igjen en av venninnene fra i går og hun kommenter hvor fresh og opplagt jeg ser ut.

So why was this such disaster? First of all, grey is a really bad color for me. I known that for a long time, charcoal is ok, but all other greys wash me out. Second burgundy is if  possible an even less flattering color on me than grey. But grey and burgundy is a beautiful combination and it’s so easy to be tempted when you see all the great outfits. Most pinks are not my colors either, so buying pink accessories would not have helped much.

Så hvorfor ble dette nye antrekket som jeg har brukt så mye tid og penger på ingen suksess? Først og fremst fordi de fleste gråfarger ikke kler meg og burgunder er en farge som om mulig er ennå verre enn grått på meg.  Jeg ser ut som om jeg står med en fot i graven om jeg går med burgunder. Men nå har jo grått og burgunder vært veldig i motebildet og for dem som kler det er det en fantastisk kombinasjon. De fleste rosafarger er heller ikke mine farger, så å kjøpe rosa sjal hadde ikke hjulpet så veldig mye.

Having a capsule wardrobe and being much more conscious when I shop is very helpful, I always think if I have at least 5 items at home to go with it. And after having my colors done, wich I payed $230 for, I know what to look for colorwise. I have a core closet in colors which suits me, and accessories in my colors too. So when I the other day found a down coat for $77 in one of my best colors a rust/mahogany color I didn’t hesitate. I have been a lookout for a nice warm coat for a while. I took it home well aware that I didn’t need to buy anything else to make this coat work. It goes with all of my boots, with several of my scarves and at least one of my hats. So total cost for the coat was $77. If I add the cost of the color analysis the cost is $307 so I actually saved $415 opposed to if I’d bought the grey coat. Yes I know it’s a constructed scenario and that the clothes in the example are quite expensive, but even if they had been much cheaper it would still have been a vaste of money, because honestly how many times do you use something that you know don’t suit you?


Heldigvis hadde jeg ikke gjort denne feilen nå, med kunnskapene om kapsel garderobe i bunn så hadde jeg nok ikke kjøpt en kåpe uten å vite at jeg har minst fem ting hjemme som passet til. Og etter å ha vært til fargeanalyse i fjor høst som jeg betalte 1800,- kroner for så hadde jeg ikke sett på en grå kåpe i utgangspunktet. Her om dagen kom jeg over en dunkåpe på salg, jeg trenger en varm kåpe og denne var i en mine beste farger. Den kostet 650 kroner og jeg visste at jeg ikke trengte kjøpe noe annet for å kunne bruke denne kåpen. Den går til flere par støvletter, sjal, hansker og luer. Så totalkostnaden på denne kåpen er 650,-. La meg så for moro skyld legge til kostnadene for fargeanalysen. Da er kostnaden 2.450,-. Så da har jeg faktisk spart 3218 kroner bare på dette ene kjøpet. Ja jeg vet at dette er et konstruert tilfelle og at klærne i eksempelet er ganske dyre, men dette var ting jeg falt for og likte da jeg surfet rundt på nettet for å finne eksemplene. Men uansett om det hadde kostet mye mindre så hadde det likevel vært bortkastede penger, enten hadde jeg rundt å sett skikkelig syk ut i årevis, eller jeg hadde mest sannsynlig følt det var feil for meg og ikke brukt dette antrekket.

Now I use colors I never even considered before, I learned that I’m an autumn and I suit colors like mustard, rust and olive green. In the long run this will save me a lot of time, frustration and money.

Nå bruker jeg farger jeg ikke ante jeg kledde, oker, sennep, rust, oliven. Jeg vet at høstfarger kler meg og at jeg i der lange løp kommer til å spare mye tid, frustrasjon og penger.

So to conclude, if you don’t have any idea which colors suits you and if you recognize  the story about the grey coat, maybe you should consider get your colors done? Knowledge is power also when it comes to knowing yourself.

Så konklusjonen er, har du ikke peiling på hvilke farger som kler deg og om du kjenner igjen historien om den grå kåpe, så kanskje du skal vurdere å ta en fargeanalyse. Kunnskap er makt også kunnskap om deg selv.

Until next time