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10×10 challenge Day 1 – And I’m an addict

I have to admit it, I’ve become totally addicted to Stylebook. Maybe not the worst addiction one could have. For those of you who don’t know what Stylebook is, it’s an app for Ios and it cost a small amount to download it. About $5 I guess. It takes a bit of time to register your clothes in the app, but once it’s done you have a very useful toy. What I have done is that I find similar clothes online and put them into my closet on Stylebook, I only photograph things if it’s some special items that’s a few years old. If you buy something new it’s easy to find the exact item and put it into your Stylebook closet. I like to get all my items pure and take away the background so the collages looks clean. It takes a little more time and some skills, but once you understand the concept of how it’s done it’s totally worth it. Under you can find my 10X10 challenge list of the items I’m going  to use the next 10 days. I have 10 pieces of clothing and will and added shoes and other accessories that goes with them. So this is what I’m going to wear the next 10 days. I have also made a pack list for our vacation in Croatia which I will show you in another post.

Jeg må bare innrømme det, jeg har blitt totalt avhengig av appen Stylebook som kan lastes ned på ios for 44 kroner. Det tar litt tid å få registrert alle klærne i appen, men det er så verdt det når det er gjort. Dessuten er det morsomt også å holde på med spesielt om du er litt datakyndig. Det jeg gjør er å finne plagg som ligner på nettet. En marineblå blazer f.eks er en marineblå blazer selv om den ikke er 100% lik den du har. Noe må man fotografere selv, har man et plagg som er litt spesielt og noen år gammelt er det ikke så lett å finne noe som ligner. Det som er viktig da er at det fotograferes mot en bakgrunn som har en helt annen farge og som er slett, da er det lett å få bort bakgrunnen. Det tar litt lengre tid og man trenger litt datakunnskaper, men når du har skjønt hvordan det virker så går det som en lek. Nå har jeg bestemt meg for å være med på en 10×10 utfordring. Dvs, jeg har plukket ut 10 plagg som jeg skal bruke på forskjellige måter nå de neste 10 dagene. Sko og andre accessorier kommer utenom, men jeg har begrenset utvalget også der. Her i Bergen vet vi jo aldri fra time til time hvilket vær vi får så jeg tenker at ytterjakke må man ta etter behov ellers så hadde jo halvparten blitt ytterjakker.
Ok once you carefully picked your 10 items, let the games begin. I have to admit I wanted a dress in this 10×10 challenge, but I had to be realistic  and add a comfy pants and a warm cardigan instead. Weather forecast for next 10 days soes not look much like dress weather and there’s no occasion that I know of coming up that requires a dress either. OK my hubby is having his birthday, but he will not celebrate it before we’re in Croatia so I’ll leave my dresses until then. You will also notice there’s a pink denim jacket in the outfits which is not in the pack list. That’s because our weather is totally unpredictable so I have left outerwear out of the 10 pieces.
Da begynner moroa, når du har bestemt for deg hvilke 10 plagg du vil bruke så kan du leke deg å sette sammen antrekk av dem. Jeg hadde fryktelig lyst å ha en kjole med blant de 10 plaggene, men dette er Bergen og langtidsvarselet tyder ikke på mye kjolevær så kjolene er på pakkelisten til ferien. Jeg måtte stikke fingen i jorden og heller legge til en kosebukse og en varm cardigan, for det trenger jeg mer enn en kjole. Ytterklær har jeg utelatt fra listen, for om jeg skulle hatt det med så hadde nesten halvparten vært ytterklær. Så om dere reagerer på at det plutselig er en rosa denimjakke på noen av antrekkene og ingen på pakkelisten så er det grunnen.
Here’s todays outfit, we have been helping my brother in his flat and after we went to dinner with him. As you see, I had to add my waterproof utility jacket as it was raining today and we had to walk a bit.
Dette var dagens antrekk, i dag har vi hjulpet min bror med å sette sammen noen Ikea møbler og etterpå var vi ute å spiste middag. Måtte ta på regnjakke i dag.
If you don’t have I-phone or I-pad, there’s similar apps for android, one is called Smart closet another one is called Your Closet. I don’t have any of them so I can’t tell which is the best.  
Om du ikke har I- phone eller I -pad så finnes det lignende apper for android, en heter Smart closet  en annen Your closet. Siden jeg ikke har noen av dem vet jeg ikke hvilken som er best.
Until next time.
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My first photoshoot- Take 4- Love coral

Me and my friend Kari headed off for a photoshoot a couple of weeks ago, she had found this beautiful location with old boathouses and the sea as a background. I had my jeans and a white Tee as a base and brought a suitcase with clothes and accessories. Actually it was the first time I was modelling, about time when you’re 55. Now I really look forward to our next time, I have outfits ready. We just have to find the time and the weather has to play along with us too.
For et par uker siden dro min venninne Kari og jeg avgårde for å ta bilder til bloggen min, for første gang i mitt liv var jeg modell, en gang må jo være den første sies det, men hadde ærlig talt ikke forventet at jeg i en alder av 55 skulle bli fotomodell. Kari hadde funnet et flott sted på Askøy i maritimt miljø, de gamle nøstveggene var perfekte kulisser for denne photoshooten. Nå ser jeg fram til neste gang, vi må bare finne tid og så må værgudene være på lag med oss.

I antrekket jeg vier i dag er ingenting nytt, det nyeste er sjalet som ble kjøpt i fjor. Vesken jeg bruker her er faktisk en makeup veske. Hatten er min sydenhatt som jeg bruker nå på tredje året om ikke mer. Den lyse jakken av merket Kello har jeg hatt i ganske mange år, men den har vært lite brukt. Må absolutt begynne å bruke den mer. Skoene fra Ecco er også noen år gamle, men jeg fikk dem aldri til å fungere før og pakket dem bort sammen med noen andre ting jeg fant ut kunne brukes på scenen. Jeg trodde de hadde blitt gitt til Fretex og ble så glad da jeg plutselig fant dem i kostymekassen min.
 The outfit I show today is all old clothes, the newest item is the scarf which I bought last year. The clutch is really my makeup bag, the hat is my companion when we go on vacation to somewhere we actually need a sunhat. I think it’s 3 years old now, maybe more. The jacket was bought years ago, the brand is Kello, I have hardly ever worn it, but I see I have to use it more.
 The coral flats I thought I’d given to charity, but by accident I found them in a box with clothes I’ve taken care of as they can come in handy in a play. (I’m an amateur actress)

 The watch is my Michael Kors one, which I really love. It’s both rose, gold and silver toned so it goes to anything. I never wore watches before, but the past years I’ve become a collector of pretty watches. Just go a new to my birthday from my hubby, this will come along on my next photoshoot.

Klokken er fra Michael Kors, den har både rosegull, gull og sølv i seg så den passer til alt.
I mange år gikk jeg aldri med klokke, men nå de siste årene har jeg forelsket  meg helt i fine klokker så nå har jeg 5 stykker inkludert den jeg fikk i bursdagsgave fra min kjære nå på søndag.

Lille Pernille og Fjonge Frida syntes det var så moro å være med på fotografering, de var de perfekte modeller.
My bubbies loved to come along on the photoshoot, they are the born models really.

Such a beautiful place, I just love the sea.
Until next time
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Some of last weeks outfits – Unpredictable weather as usual

It’s one thing we can say about weather in Northern Europe, it’s totally unpredictable and constantly changing. Last week was no exception and I have been wearing the whole range of clothes from wool jacket to bikini. For this reason a capsule for spring or summer really does not work for us northerners. We have to have part of our autumn/winter wardrobe available all year round and add pieces for spring/summer. The summer capsule, can be used as a packing list if we’re going on vacation somewhere hot.
En ting kan vi si om været her nord, det er uforutsigbart og endrer seg hele tiden. Denne uken har ikke vært noe unntak. Jeg har brukt både strikkejakke og bikini denne uken så det sier jo litt om forskjellene i temperatur. Vi har jo ofte 4 årstider på en dag. Akkurat det er grunnen til at den klassiske “komprimerte” garderoben med klær som er beregnet for hver årstid ikke helt fungerer for oss. Det som er foreslått av klær til sommergarderoben kan vi bruke når vi skal på sydentur, utenom det må vi stort sett ha en del av høst/vinterklær tilgjengelig året rundt og heller legge til noen sommerplagg.

Last Sunday I used this outfit when I had Tapas with former colleagues. As you can see it was quite cold and I wore boots, waterproof utility jacket and big scarf.
Forrige søndag var det tapas med tidligere kolleger. En sur og kald dag så det var støvletter og vanntett jakke.

Monday was dinner and shopping with the girls, a bit more pleasant temperature, I dropped the waterproof utility jacket 
Mandag middag og shopping med venninner, litt mildere og et lite hint av sol, den vanntette jakken fikk bli hjemme.
Tuesday it started to remind a bit about spring again.
Tirsdag begynte det å minne litt om vår igjen.
Wednesday and Thursday were very casual in yoga pants and sweater, doing nothing at all while it was pouring down.

Onsdag og torsdag ble tilbragt i kosebukse og genser mens jeg gjorde ingenting. Regnet pøste ned.
Friday was nice and sunny, but still a little chilly, Went for a barbeque in the evening and changed to denim jacket and sneakers, added a wool sweater too so we could sit outside in the evening.
Fredag var sol og fint, men litt kjølig, så det var godt å ha en blazer på når vi skulle handle.
Om kvelden var vi å spiste grillmat hos venner så da ble det joggesko, denimjakke, sjal og ullgenser.

Legg til bildetekst

Saturday, summer temperature and could wear shorts and a Tee, yay.
And even my bikini came out of the drawer in the end.
Og så lørdag, shorts og T-skjortevær og jammen kom bikinien også fram til slutt.

 Sunday and my birthday was spent in an Christening and I wore my festive costume, still nice and sunny, but a little cooler.
I går søndag hadde jeg bursdag og vi var i barnedåp. Jeg hadde på min Vestlandsstakk, fremdeles fint, men litt kaldere. Perfekt bunadsvær.
So as you might understand from this weeks outfits, weather is not exactly stable in my part of the world.
Det var ukens antrekk fra en typisk vår/sommer uke på Vestlandet.
Until next time

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My first photoshoot- Take 3

Hvorfor har jeg ikke visst dette før??  Det tenker jeg nesten hver dag nå. For det er jo så enkelt å kle seg uansett hva jeg skal. Ikke trenger jeg planlegge heller, for uansett hva jeg tar på meg så passer det sammen. Det tar meg knapt 2 minutter fra jeg kommer inn i garderoben til jeg er ferdig kledd og på vei ut. Og enda har jeg egentlig for mange klær til å ha en ekte capsule wardrobe. Har ikke funnet noe godt norsk ord for det ennå. Basisgarderobe kan brukes, men det dekker ikke helt, en komprimert garderobe kan kanskje være et ord? Uansett så har klær blitt så gøy, selv mine gamle klær som jeg har hatt i årevis er det gøy med.
Why didn’t I know this before? I think this every day, because it’s so easy getting dressed no matter what occasion. No need for planning, it takes me maybe 2 minutes from I walk into my closet until I’m fully dressed on my way out again. I do love the capsule wardrobe, even if I have to many clothes to have a true capsule wardrobe. And clothes has become so much fun, even my old clothes are fun.

 On my first photoshoot ( which was so fun and also very surprising as I’d never thought I should ever be in this setting) I wore my blue jeans from Fiveunits and a white tee as base and brought a suitcase with clothes, shoes and bunnies.  

 The blazer is 5-6 years old and from European culture, it’s so
comfy as the arms is of a knitted fabric and very soft. The only thing from this season in this outfit is the scarf from PM. Watch from Michael Kors.

Boots from Timberland, they are waterproof which is very practical when living in Bergen. Bag from Mulberry, bunnies homemade.
Lille Pernille og Fjonge Frida elsket å være med på photoshoot.
The bunnies loved to be on a photo shoot.
Her kan du se de andre antrekkene jeg laget med jeans denne søndagen.
Links to the other outfits with blue jeans as base.

Until next time
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The beauty of a capsule wardrobe – The floral dress

Jeg har lenge ønsket meg en By Timo kjole og nå har jeg kjøpt meg en og jeg elsker den.  Passformen, fargen alt!! Elsket ikke helt prisen da, men regner med denne kommer til å bli en klassiker i garderoben. Den fikk være med da jeg og Kari var på photoshoot på søndag. Her viser jeg den med jeansene fra Fiveunits, min vintage Mulberry, Ecco ballerinasko  og mitt eneste par høyhælte sko fra Gabor.De er forresten helt geniale og jeg kan bruke dem til “alt”
I’ve been wanting a dress from the Norwegian brand By Timo for a very long time and the other day I bought one. I love all about this dress, the fit, the color, the flowers. Did’nt love the price as much though, but I think it will be a much loved dress I can dress up and down so hopefully it’s worth the price.

Also in the pics: Jeans from Fiveunits, my vintage Mulberry crossover bag, Michael Kors watch,  Ecco flats and my only pair of high heels from Gabor, I’ve had them for years and I tell you if you ever come across a pair of shoes in this color which is  greyish brown just buy them. Everytime I’ve bought a new dress or some other outfit that requires heels I just put these on and they totally work. Even when I think they won’t.

Until next time
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The beauty of a capsule wardrobe -My first photoshoot

Her om dagen fikk jeg en kommentar fra en venninne her på bloggen. Hun syntes jeg burde være modell for klærne selv og sa at hun ville ta bildene. Man sier ikke nei takk til det, spesielt ikke når man vet at hun er en flink fotograf. I dag var det perfekt vær for en liten fotosession, overskyet og bare litt regn i luften. Jeg pakket en koffert med klær og tok på meg jeans og en hvit T skjorte, det var mitt grunnantrekk nå var det bare fantasien som satte grensene. Turen gikk til Hanevik på Askøy der vi først besøkte Butikk Josefin og så gikk turen ned til sjøen. I dag viser jeg den rosa denimjakken som jeg nettopp kjøpte på H&M.

Boots – Timberland, scarf – PM, watch – Michael Kors

The other day a friend of mine suggested I should model for the blog myself and offered to take some photos of me. I couldn’t say no especially not since I know she’s a good photographer. Today was perfect for a photoshoot, no sun and good light. My base was blue jeans and white tee, I packed my suitcase and my hubby was wondering if I was leaving him. We went to an island close by and had the photoshoot among some old boat houses by the sea. It was so much fun and, we decided to do this again sometime. Today I show you the pink denim jacket I recently bought at H&M.

Jeans- Fiveuntits, tee -H&M, scarf- H&M, bag -Mulberry, flats-Ecco, sunglasses –  Brilleland
Look at this very charming old boat, isn’t it fabolous.
What a cool picture of my sunglasses.
And here she is, my friend Kari who took the photos.
None of the photos has been edited at all.
I already look forward to our next photoshoot Kari.
Would be very grateful for some comments if you like this post.
Until Next time
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The beauty of a capsule wardrobe – The Denim dress

I dag tar jeg for meg dongerikjolen, et plagg som egentlig har vært i motebildet sånn mer eller mindre en mannsalder. De fleste har vel kanskje eller har en gang hatt en dongerikjole, kanskje har du en på loftet?  Denne i skjortemodell kan man bruke på mange måter. Er det kaldt ta på en genser og leggings under, er det varmere i været bruke den som den er med sandaler eller sneakers.  Har du en annen kjole i skjortemodell kan den brukes på lignende måte. I dag snek lille Robertino seg med på bildene, han er en liten sjarmør som er glad i å danse salsa og flørte med damene. Han liker alt som går i skjørt for å si det sånn.

The denim dress has been in fashion for more or less decades, most of you have or have once owned a denim dress. This one in shirt model is very versatile and you can dress it up and down as you like. If it’s cold put a sweater and some leggings under, if it’s warmer wear it as it is with sandals or sneakers. When i photographed the mannequin today the salsa heartthrob Robertino bombed the pictures. He loves everything that wears a skirt so no wonder.

OK here we go, a couple of options how to wear a denim dress. I could come up with several more I guess. Here’s options for chilly days and not so chilly days.

Håper du fikk noen ideer her til å lage noen antrekk om du har en dongerikjole.
Hope you got a few ideas how to wear a denim dress.

Until next time.

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The beauty of a capsule wardrobe- The Navy Blazer

En ting alle kvinner bør ha i sin garderobe er en skikkelig blazer, en blazer kan brukes til “alt” man er alltid kledd i en blazer om man skal på et møte, jobbintervjuv, på middag med venninner eller om du  bare skal en tur på butikken. Personlig elsker jeg blazere og har 5-6 stykker, alle har blitt mye brukt opp igjennom årene. En blazer er et plagg man godt kan legge litt penger i, men når sant skal sier er en av mine blazere kjøpt på H&M på slutten av 90 tallet og er ennå i bruk i blandt. Den jeg viser i dag kjøpte jeg for et par år siden på Massimo Dutti og til min fortvilelse var den for liten da jeg kjøpte den. Å sende tilbake til Massimo Dutti er ikke så enkelt, så det ble til jeg beholdt den og det er jeg glad for i dag. I mellomtiden har den hatt et lite pit stop hos en venninne. Prøvedukken min ser forresten ut som hun har vært på fylla, ikke aner jeg hva hun driver med når jeg ikke er her.

Under kommer en rekke med antrekk der jeg har brukt min Marineblå blazer som utgangspunkt. Alle klærne er fra min garderobe eller noe lignende. Mange har helt sikkert lignende klær i sitt skap, vi skjønner ikke alltid hvilke muligheter vi har med det vi allerede har i skapet.

Blazer -Massimo Dutti, T shirt – PM this season, Skirt – H&M this season, Bag – Mulberry, Scarf – DIY, Shoes-Paul Green

One thing every woman should have in her wardrobe is a good blazer. You are always dressed with a blazer, you can use it for just about everything. If you are attending a meeting or if you are going to a job interview, dinner with friends or just going to pick up some groceries you can’t go wrong wearing a blazer. I love blazers and have 5-6 of them. You can put some money into a good blazer or sometimes you can be lucky to find a good one on a budget. One of my blazeres I actually bought at H&M in the late nineties and I still wear it once in a while. The one I’ll show today I bought online at Massimo Dutti, and I almost cried when I found out it was to snug for me. I kept it though because sending it back was such a hazzle. I’m really happy today I kept it because now it fits me perfectly. Not quite sure what happened to my mannequin, she looks like she’s been on a party.

OK here we go here’s some outfits I’ve put together with my Navy blazer. All clothes from my closet or similar. Clothes I think most of you can find something similar in your own closet. Everything is in my Spring/Summer capsule and a lot of it can be worn all year round.

I går brukte jeg antrekk nr 1 fra collagen, sommeren har forlatt oss så måtte bruke trench kåpen min utenpå på blazeren og legge til  et ekstra skjerf for å ikke fryse i hjel.

Yesterday I wore my blazer as in outfit #1 from the collage, had to put the trench on too and in addition an extra scarf. It sure has gotten cold again . From T shirt and shorts to this.

Until next time

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The Beauty of a capsule wardrobe – Shoppingday

I needed some more clothes for the summer and I heard rumours that H&M had a striped dress that might just fit me. I was supposed to go on Monday, but with the nice weather we’ve had lately I was afraid they were going o be sold out, so I took a trip today instead. I was only supposed to buy the dress, but I got home with 6 items which all fits in my capsule wardrobe. I remembered to ask myself the control questions and the answer was yes to all of them. Have to say H&M has a lot of nice things this year, but you need to patient trying on as the sizes are a bit all over. Something are very small sized and other things big sized, I went in and out of the locker room like five times to find new sizes. Good thing my outfit today was really easy to put on and take off. If it had been a cold and rainy day I’d probably just given up on the whole thing.

This is what I bought, and payed about 150 USD for it all.

I just love Stylebook so when I got home I registred it all, so easy when you can go online to find photos of the items. Then I sat down playing around with the pink jacket and skirt. The pink color is the right shade for me as it’s warm and more blush than pink really.

So here’s 6 outfits and the options are endless it seems. Can you tell I really love my New Balance sneakers??
Right now I’m-looking out of the window at another spectacular sunset, it’s time to sign off from here and enjoy it.
Until next time

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Spring has arrived

Finally spring has arrived  and we’ve had beautiful sunny weather for a few days now. I assure you, no one is more happy and grateful than us Norwegians when the sun shines and the temperature rises. We forget all about rain, snow and storm and refuse to believe it will ever rain again. In town the outdoor restaurants are filled with happy people taking a pint of beer or a glass of wine in the sun.

Actually it’s been almost summer temperatures, I’e even had my bikinitop on, who would have thought last week when it snowed and rained? And my very pale legs has gotten some sun.
Sunglasses and a straw hat has been my most used items this week, and to my surprise I found the coral flats I thought I’d given to charity while searching for a denim skirt I believed I had somewhere. Still searching for that, maybe it’s on the attic?

I also received 4 dresses which I ordered online last week. 3 striped ones which I just took one look at and put them back in the bag for returning. Seems like a flattering striped dress is hard for me to find, so if I don’t accidently stumble over one I give up the search. I have one option left I want to check out and that is one at H&M.
The 4th dress I simply loved, it’s from the Norwegian brand By Timo which amongst our crown princess and Gwyneth Paltrow are big fans. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but I’d rather have one pretty dress than 10 ugly ones. I loved everything about it, but I had to admit when I tried it on again that it was a bit on the snug side. It looked like a million dollars, but might not have been that comfortable in the long run. I almost cried when I realised I had to send it back. They didn’t have one size up where I bought it, but I found it at the brand shop ByTimo.no. At least I hope it’s the same, when I look at it closely it seems a bit different, but cross my fingers and hope it’s the same.
Now I’m looking forward to yet another night like this. We have sun until a 21.45 now, and it’s only longer for each day in end June it don’t go down before about 23.20. Further north they have the midnight sun, but also they have no sun in the winter.
Until next time