My name is Kari, I live in Bergen Norway. One day not long before my 55th birthday I discovered the beauty of a capsule wardrobe. Suddenly I fell in love with my clothes again, after purging and sorting. I still don’t have a true capsule wardrobe, not sure if I ever can achieve that or if I want to, but anyway my relationship with clothes has become so much more fun and exiting.

I’m a creative kind of person, and my creativity takes a lot of directions.¬†Fashion and interior are my passions, I’m an Interior Consultant, my dream is to make my own business and help people love their homes. Recently I took up knitting again, and started to knit bunnies, they are also partly designed by me. You can find a little about them on my The Bunnybunch page.

You’re also welcome to visit my Instagram account @momentsintimebergen where I post a mix of fashion, interior and nature photos.