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Selfies for dummies – Lesson 4 – How to take a full length photo

We all know this, taking a good full figure shot is not easy. The obvious is to use a full figure mirror and take a picture, but then you need to have the mirror in the perfect place. My full figure mirrors are not very suitable for taking selfies, one is in the hallway where it’s no natural light, the other one is placed where the light hits me from my the side. Others might have mirrors where they have backlights, that’s actually the worse position. Even if you have the mirror in the perfect place for taking selfies, you still have the phone in your hand and it either hides your face or your necklace.



So how to take a full lenght photo?

1. Learn how to use the camera on your phone, your camera has a lot of functions you probably don’t know about. Read the manual, if you don’t have it you can find it online. If you have problems to read manuals ask someone you know. Preferably someone young, if you know a teenager, lucky you, they know all about this.

I must admit, I recently found the timer function on my Samsung Galaxy 7 phone. I’ve always known it had to be there somewhere, but not how to find it. Yes I was lazy I didn’t read the manual, neither did I ask some of the young people I know. I just accidentally stumbled upon my camera settings. I can only speak for my phone, but here’s how I found my camera settings. See the little flower in the right corner? This is how to get to the camera settings on my phone.

2. Activate the timer function, you can choose how many seconds you want, you can also choose to take multiple photos. Again I can only talk about my phone, but I’m sure most phones has this or similar functions. I set my timer to 10 seconds and also activated the multiple photo function so I can take 3 photos in a row. Sorry, my phone has Norwegian language, but I guess you get the picture.


3.  Find a suitable spot, make sure you don’t have backlights from your windows, the best is to let the light from the window hit your face.

The light hits from the side.
Light hits from the front.


4. Find a cup which is wide enough for your phone, put some paper in the cup to make sure the camera is upright. If not it will only take photos of the ceiling.

5. Place the cup on a table or a shelf, you might have to adjust the height. Use books or some boxes under the cup if you need to get the camera higher. I have a small table which is easy to move in the position I want.

This is my camera stand. It’s hilarious, but it works.
Headless?? Move backwards or put another book or box under your cup.

6. Push the button, place the phone in the cup, position yourself and action.

7. Pose, smile, do silly things, don’t be shy. After all you choose which photos you will delete and which you want to show to others. Maybe you only want to see how an outfit looks like before you head out.

Grab your whole family and make a Christmas card photo, now you know how to do it.

8. Use the crop function. In your gallery you can edit your photos. You can adjust the tone or the light. The function I use the most is the crop function. It’s where you easy an magically can remove most of your clutter.

Just to be sure, I’m really not a pro at this myself, there’s a long way to go, but I’m slowly learning.

I hope this post was of any use for someone. I have made a couple of other Selfies for dummies posts. You can find them here and here


Until next time



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