The beauty of a capsule wardrobe -Breaking the rules

My capsule wardrobe is getting there, I feel it’s really easy to dress for all occasions,. Even the days I’m just at home and dress casual my outfits are way better than before. I’ve chosen navy as my base, taupe,beige, white/ivory and cognac as my neutrals and blush and coral  as my accent colors. So far I haven’t bought any shoes and probably won’t either. I’m a sneakers kind of girl and love my ivory New Balance, my cognac Eccos and my navy suede loafers. And when it gets hot I have my taupe sandals with a little bling. I also have cognac and taupe boots for the colder days.

When it comes to bags I won’t buy any either. I have a couple of cognac bags, both tote and crossover. I have my beloved vintage Mulberry crossover which I bought from a lovely lady a couple of years ago. All those are versatile and I can wear any of them to just about anything.I also have a tote in the color Dark Garnet. This tote can be used in three ways, I can carry it by the handles, I can wear it as a shoulder bag and even as a bag pack. For my lifestyle the perfect bag, and it’s waterproof and I don!t have to worry about it. (Very important in Bergen, Norway) When I started to build my capsule I was quite sure it wouldn’t go with my capsule as I have nothing else in this color.  To my surprise this bag goes with just about any else in my capsule, so even if I’m breaking the rules it’s still capsule friendly, and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t break the rules at some point.

Here’s a couple of outfits where I can use my Fjellräven tote.


I’m still amazed how versatile it is, I can probably come up with dozens other outfits where it can be used too.

Breaking the rules are not always a bad thing.

Until next post.


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