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The beauty of a capsule wardrobe – The frumpy dress – again

Plutselig fant jeg ut at jeg kunne prøve å fotografere klærne på prøvedukken, en kjole flere antrekk.
Skulle ønske jeg fremdeles hadde den lyse, korte dongerijakken for den hadde passet bedre enn den som er på det ene bildet. Hadde jo aldri trodd den skulle passe igjen så den gikk til Fretex for et par år siden. Kjolen er en fem år gammel kjole fra Masai.
Suddenly I got the bright idea to put my frumpy dress on this doll, not sure what this thing is called in English. I wish I still had the denim jacket I gave away to charity some years ago, it would have looked better than the one I have now, as it was lighter, shorter and more fitted. Ah well, who would have known I actually could have worn it again now.
The dress is five years old from the Danish brand Masai, so is both the cardies.
Bag is vintage Mulberry, boots and utility jacket from Timberland and denim jacket Linnea, had it for years.
Can anyone find the bunny??

What do you think did this work out?
I’ve styled it for the weather we have here in Bergen, it was freezing cold this morning when I took these photos, but spring is about to come. Later today I sat outside knitting for a few hours. Wonderful!!!
Tried to add a video where the dress was blowing in the wind, I thought it was quite cool, but unfortunately I could’nt find out how to do it. It has the wrong format I believe.
Bye for now
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