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The beauty of a capsule wardrobe- The frumpy dresses

Another winters day here in Bergen, will there ever be spring? Actually it’s getting colder instead of warmer, this night it snowed and there’s still a little snow outside as you can see from pic below. It’s sunny though, but heavy wind and earlier it was a blizzard believe it or not.

Yesterday I plunged in to my wardrobe again, it’s still a way to go before it’s a true capsule wardrobe. I discarded a couple more items, and then I decided to find out what to do with some of my dresses.  Could they fit in the capsule wardrobe? One was immediately discarded, one was removed from spring capsule to the autumn capsule. The other three is still in my wardrobe, I’ll show you the outfit ideas for two of them in this post. I asked for an opinion in the capsulers Facebook group, and what a response, people really gave me lot of feed back and good ideas. Both the dresses were referred to as frumpy, especially the checked one, but some people thought it was kind of cool. I can understand both views, it’s all in the details, I hope I’ve come up with some styling options which makes it cool.

Ok here we go….

# 1 A black floral dress, I knew this one was very versatile and had good outfit ideas on this one. This is a quite new dress, bought last year. Floral print is trendy now, and this dress can be used all year round. I can use it with my trench, cardigans, short or long, with leather jackets both black and cognac and with a denim jacket. I can use it as a dress or as a tunic with skinny jeans or leggings, with boots, sneakers or sandals. Options are endless and here’s some of them.

#2 I’ve had since 2012, and I’ve always liked it. It’s so comfy and the colors suits me well. It’s light navy blue, white and a beige checked patterned. The brand is Masai, very good quality. I have several pieces of clothes from this Danish brand. I did’nt think it would fit into my capsule, because of it’s collar, but I suddenly got inspired and found endless options for this dress too. I was amazed to find is just as versatile as the black floral one. Tried to take some selfies today in a couple of outfits in this dress, I’m a selfie virgin so they didn’t turn out very well, but they give you an idea. Have to say, this dress was a bit difficult to photograph for the Stylebook, and since it’s quite old I couldn’t find any photos of it online either.

And here’s my selfies of the dress, ha ha I could do with a course and/or a photographer.

So what do you think, are they still frumpy?
Would love to hear Your opinion.

Wish you all a very nice day.


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