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The beauty of a capsule wardrobe – The pink sweater

As I told you in my previous post I was so inspired when I came over this blogpost on Leanne White Blackmons blog Classy yet trendy. Here’s a link to the post I accidently came over via Pinterest:

Ok I’ve seen similar before, but no one so inspiring. I looked at the clothes in the capsule and thought I have a trench like that, I have a couple of blazers, I have this, I have that, actually I have most of it. This was about ten days ago, it was in the evening so couldn’t start right away, but next morning I was ready to plunge in. I dived into my wardrobe, took all off the hangers and piled it on the bed. I started to color coordinate. I decided to use Navy as my base color, taupe, cream and white as neutrals. All my black clothes I put aside for an autumn capsule along with some typical autunm colors like mustard and olive green.

I used hours, looked at all my clothes with new eyes, Something went in a pile for donating, something in a pile I wanted a friend to look at. We have been swapping clothes for a couple of years. Now I lost a bit of weight, she put on some, so instead of buying everything new we’ve swapped basic things like jeans and coats in neutral colors. A couple of my blazers still fits me, but now I can button them so they actually look better. I fell in love with my clothes again, and realised I had done something right along the years, buying classic items in basic and neutral colors. I just hadn’t been able to see it before when black and navy was stashed together with all kind of colors at the same place, making impossible to see the versatility in my clothes.

I knew I needed tees and a couple of sweaters as most I have looks like I’m a little girl in my mums clothes. It was time for some shopping, I decided to use Coral as my accent color, pink is not my cup of tea, or so I thought. I ordered some tees and sweaters online, 2 striped sweaters, 2 Coral  and a navy tee. Ended up sending most of it back. Kept a navy tee and one of the striped sweaters.

It was time for some shopping the old fashioned way, I headed for the mall and ended up with blush as one of my accent colors. Who would have thought??? I was really happy, with 4 new tees, a cream sweater a navy yoga pant,  a pair of shorts and a scarf. Tried to find a blush pair of jeans too, with no luck.

And then I discovered Stylebook, omg I’m in heaven, now I can put all my clothes into this app and shuffle them around for outfits I never even thought of. So Worth the 44 NOK I payed for it!

Went into a couple of stores again today in search for my blush jeans. No luck today either, but I found this sweater in the perfect pink for me. At Lindex, and today was 20% off too.

Now I will show you the beauty of a capsule wardrobe, and the outfits I made on my new toy Stylebook. I have all these items in my wardrobe, either the exact item or something similar. Most of them I’ve had for years.

Don’t you just love it?? The options are endless. The only problem is that I use to much time to play around with this so I forget to knit bunnies and baby clothes.

Thank you Leanne, and thank you Capsulers on Facebook for all the inspiration.

See you


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