Suddenly I felt the urge to start blogging again, this time in English, there’s a couple of reasons why. First of all I love the English language, but I’m a bit rusty so please bear over with me if I stumble and fall. Second I have both friends and family that don’t speak Norwegian. 

A little about me, I’m a woman soon to be 55 living in Bergen, Norway. I live with my partner close to the sea, we have a wonderful view so I warn you, there might be some sunset photos on this blog, especially in the summer. (If it ever comes)

I have 2 grown up sons and am soon to be a grandmother. I’ve been waiting for this a while and now I’ll have 2 in August/September, not twins as many of you would have thought. At least one will be a girl, which is so nice since me and my hubby have 4 sons amongst us. Can’t wait really and already started to knit baby clothes.

I’m a creative kind of person and recently I took up knitting again, haven’t been knitting much the past 25 years. I mostly knit bunnies which I partly have designed myself. You will probably find photos of  the bunny bunch in some of my posts. Here’s one of them, her name is Sweet Sophie. My bunnies live their own life on Instagram. @lillepernille_design 

My passion for interior is well known among family, friends and anyone who knows me. I had an interiorblog for several years, still have actually, but haven’t posted for a long, long time as Instagram kind of took over. I will for sure post photos like this on my blog too. My account on Instagram is @momentsintimebergen 

 I do love clothes, which woman don’t? Recently I came across a blog called Classy yet trendy, will link to it in another post when I found out how to do it. Yes I’m a bit rusty on blogging too. In this blog it was described how to create a Capsule wardrobe. I got so inspired that I the day after started to  clean out my closet. I tell you more about this in another post, but I can reveal right now that I actually like my clothes again. 

Other things about me, I’m currently not working due to health issues. I got vestibular neuritis a couple of years ago it knocked me completely out for a long time and I’m still struggling with it for long periods at the time. This blog will not be about illness, but I might mention it in between. When I was working I was a sales assistant  working with fish export worldwide for almost 20 years. 

Another thing is that I live on a LCHF diet, and the past year I’ve lost 14 kg which is about 30 lbs. this will not be an LCHF blog either, but It might be I post something about it once in a while. 

Now I want to welcome you all, this blog is now officially reopened. Looking forward to blog again.

Bye for now


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